Full Structure of Tarot Arcans and Sefirot Tree

But complete knowledge consists of three parts. The first part is Tarot – a set of tuning tables, which consists of Major and Minor Arcana (Major Arcana includes 22 cards, and Minor – 56 cards). The second part is the book – Torah, which serves as a commentary on the Minor Arcana. And the third part is the Keys, with which one aligns with the other, also known as the “Keys of King Solomon.” When all three components are brought together, we truly obtain an effective tool for managing planetary consciousness.

Thus, there are twenty-two Major Arcana, and they represent instructions for tuning into the qualities of the twenty-two channels of the Tree of Sephiroth. Energy flows through these channels, which are associated with specific frequencies. In terms of our consciousness, frequency corresponds to sound, light, and color. Hence, the channels are associated with specific sounds and colors. For us, sounds are represented by letters. Therefore, each Arcanum corresponds to a letter, in addition to instructions on how to tune one’s consciousness to a specific channel. Each Arcanum is also associated with a number. And the energy in each channel changes over time. Astrology is used to determine how much energy exists in a particular channel at any given moment.

Let’s return to the structure of the Tree of Sephiroth. Each channel is numbered and corresponds to the Major Arcana. Three horizontal channels pass through the Tree – 17, 9, and 4, which correspond to the three Initiations – three different levels of consciousness. The Tree of Sephiroth itself is a schema of planetary consciousness, consisting of human consciousness. The lower triangle, bounded by Arcanum 17, is called the Physical World – it is the consciousness of people through which they perceive the world in a four-dimensional variant. Starting from Arcanum 17, there are consciousnesses of people who perceive space in dimensions greater than four: the square from Arcanum 17 to 9 is called the Lower Astral level, from 9 to 4 Arcanum – the Upper Astral, and above 4 Arcanum is the Mental World.

The entire world is 22-dimensional at any given moment, but depending on the level of our consciousness, we perceive either the etheric plane – four dimensions, or the astral plane – seven dimensions, or the mental plane, which starts from twelve dimensions. The number of dimensions from 7 to 12 is the astral plane, and in the structure of the Tree, it is divided into two parts. Depending on the level of their consciousness, people enter one of these zones of the Tree of Sephiroth.

Siddhis of the Major Arcana of the Tarot

The three lowest Arcana in the Tree of Sephiroth form three Great Religions: 19, 22, and 21. These Great Religions constantly change – there is always a queue, determining which religion will be next in line to become great. However, there are always three of them. At one point, Christianity displaced Mithraism and occupied the niche of the 21st Arcanum. Judaism supplanted even more ancient religions and took the place of the 22nd Arcanum. And Islam displaced Hinduism and occupied the niche of the 19th Arcanum. This means that the egregore of a religion is built upon the foundation of a particular Arcanum, and the main quality contained within that religion is the quality of that Arcanum.

The upper boundary of the physical world passes through the 17th Arcanum – here reside magicians of the 1st level, meaning they attune their consciousness to the energies of the 17th Arcanum. The 17th Arcanum is called “Life Energy” – these are individuals who can work with life energy. Magicians of the 2nd level dwell between the 17th and 9th Arcana. The 9th Arcanum corresponds to magicians of the 3rd level, and their development progresses from the 9th to the 4th Arcanum. The 4th Arcanum corresponds to magicians of the 4th level – their development up to the 5th level occurs within the triangle – 4, 3, 2, 1. And then they transcend beyond the limits of the Earth.

All abilities possessed by individuals are limited from the 22nd to the 17th Arcana. The 17th Arcanum represents magic itself. The saints of religions are individuals who fully embody the energy of the Arcanum associated with that religion – they manifest the primary siddhi of that religion. If a magician channels the siddhi of a particular Arcanum, they fully realize the siddhi associated with that Arcanum.

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