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Tarot Affirmations

Blends two traditions to create a powerful tool for personal transformation. The tarot deck of 78 cards is designed to promote positive growth and change. Well-known tarot images depicting universal human themes are combined with beautifully written affirmations. Based on tarot symbolism that has evolved over many centuries, this deck affirms that all tarot cards, no matter how negative they may appear to be at first glance, carry a positive message. A wonderful introduction to optimism and an invitation to daily self-exploration.

This is a sample card from the Tarot Affirmations deck. The Empress is the fourth card in the traditional Tarot deck. The Empress is one of the cards that represent power. She sits pregnant on her throne, a source of passion, possibility, nurture, and protection. One of the challenges of this card is to learn how to encourage growth in others without dominating or over-protecting them.

Tarot cards contain images that stimulate creative problem-solving. They are based on the idea that life is a journey and that what we do along the way is determined by the interaction of mind, body, emotion, and spirit.



78 Cards for Positive Growth and Change

Tarot Affirmations blends two traditions to create a powerful tool for personal transformation:

  • Tarot — a collection of images that reflect the breadth and depth of the human experience
  • Affirmation — a simple technique to help you achieve satisfaction and success.

When these aspects of ourselves are healthy and in balance, we feel whole and fully alive, filled with creative energy and purpose.


When they are unhealthy and out of balance, we feel scattered, split, or broken. Our energy level drops. Life loses its meaning. We feel drained or empty.

Tarot cards help us by calling attention to aspects of our life that we may be overlooking or neglecting: places where we are out of balance; inner conflicts in need of resolution; or mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual strengths we may not be using.

Affirmations are statements of intention. When properly used, they help us:

  • develop the motivation and faith we need to reach our goals;
  • maintain our focus on efforts to achieve our goals;
  • identify negative self-talk;
  • counteract the effects of our own internal negative messages.

Affirmations also stimulate the unconscious to provide us with creative ways to achieve our desires. The unconscious mind can be a powerful force for growth and change. By working with affirmations, we begin to direct the creative power of both our conscious and unconscious minds in positive and constructive ways.

Behind the use of Tarot lies the assumption that a power beyond our conscious awareness can help us select an appropriate card for our present situation. We call this power various names: Higher Power, the Universe, Holy Spirit, Higher Self, God, and the Creative Unconscious, among others. The cards we select can help us identify imbalances, conflicts, or challenges in our lives. They can also suggest solutions based on personal strengths we may be overlooking or neglecting.

The Tarot Affirmations deck is designed to help restore balance, resolve conflict, draw on neglected or undeveloped strengths, and find solutions to life’s challenges. There are 78 cards in the deck. Each card contains five affirmations based on traditional meanings of the cards.

Each time you choose an affirmation from the virtual deck on this site, you will receive an image and one of the five affirmations associated with that image in the printed deck.

A powerful tool for personal transformation with Tarot cards

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