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The Magician

I am dynamic changing creation;
I play freely with my thoughts,
feelings, inspirations, and sensations.

We are designed to be creative. We are born with the urge to explore. Even before we can crawl, we play with whatever we can reach. We grab our toes; we try out new cries and gurgles; we make connections with our eyes.

When we are physically able, we begin to create things. We build towers of blocks, knock them down, and start again. We play with shapes and colors, inventing new forms with crayons and paints. We make up stories and poems—nonsense verses about imaginary worlds.

When we grow up many of us lose touch with our creativity. But it is never too late to recover it. It is still inside us waiting for our call. The Magician plays freely with his creative tools. He is in touch with his thoughts, his feelings, his senses and his inspirations. He uses mind, emotion, sensation, and spirit to find creative solutions to all of life's challenges. Let Magician energy fill your world today. Play. Experiment. Free your creative spirit.

I can solve any problems that come my way
by using the Magician's tools.

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