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The Fool

I am limitless energy,
a spirit on the path of life
in search of new experience.

We were designed for change. Adaptation is the key to our success. Without the ability to grow and change, we would cease to exist.

For some of us change is naturally invigorating. We look forward to the new opportunities each day brings. For others change is stressful. It drains our energy instead of recharging our spirits. The Fool reminds  us that physical energy is limited but spiritual energy is not. Spiritual energy can help us meet the demands of  life in the physical world. It is unlimited and freely available to everyone who seeks it. You need only to stop and open yourself to its flow.

You can handle anything that comes your way today if you adopt the spirit of the Fool. Find a quiet spot. Relax your body. Quiet your mind.  Refresh your spirit. Then throw yourself back into life's journey. Expose your senses to fresh sounds and sights and experiences. Open your arms to receive something new. Experiment with different approaches to life's problems. Let your spirit soar. And remember to relax along the way.

I can handle anything that comes my way
when I adopt the spirit of the Fool.

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