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Affirmations are statements of intention. When properly used, they help us:

  • develop the motivation and faith we need to reach our goals;
  • maintain our focus on efforts to achieve our goals;
  • identify negative self-talk;
  • counteract the effects of our own internal negative messages.

Affirmations also stimulate the unconscious to provide us with creative ways to achieve our desires. The unconscious mind can be a powerful force for growth and change. By working with affirmations, we begin to direct the creative power of both our conscious and unconscious minds in positive and constructive ways.

This is a sample card from the Tarot Affirmations deck. The Seven of Cups is the seventh card in the suit of Cups in the traditional deck. Cups represent emotion. This card reminds us of the positive role fantasy can play in building the motivation to achieve our desires. One of life's challenges is learning to use fantasy effectively without becoming so lost in a dream world that we fail to accomplish our goals.

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