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Tarot cards contain images that stimulate creative problem-solving. They are based on the idea that life is a journey and that what we do along the way is determined by the interaction of mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

When these aspects of ourselves are healthy and in balance, we feel whole and fully alive, filled with creative energy and purpose.

When they are unhealthy and out of balance, we feel scattered, split, or broken. Our energy level drops. Life loses its meaning. We feel drained or empty.

Tarot cards help us by calling attention to aspects of our life that we may be overlooking or neglecting: places where we are out of balance; inner conflicts in need of resolution; or mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual strengths we may not be using.

This is a sample card from the Tarot Affirmations deck. The Fool is the first card in the deck. The Fool stands at the beginning of a journey. One question this card asks is whether you're ready to leap into something new or whether you'd rather step back from the cliff and remain where you are.

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