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Dr. Hill is available to help you develop and work with authentic affirmations by email, by telephone, or in person at her Dallas office. The charge for a consultation/reading is $45. The charge for a phone call or personal visit depends on the time involved.

If you wish to arrange a consultation by phone or in Dr. Hill's Dallas office, please click here to send an email requesting appointment information and fees. Please specify whether you are interested in an office visit or a phone consultation.

Information about e-mail consultations:

  • If you wish to arrange an email consultation, Dr. Hill suggests that you draw three cards before you fill out the order form. You may use a deck of your own or the on-line deck on this site. Write down the name of each card you draw in the order you draw it (first, second, and third). You will be asked to provide this information when you fill out the order form.

  • After you have submitted the order form, Dr. Hill will provide you with a reading, an affirmation, and some recommendations about how to accomplish the changes suggested by the reading. After you receive her suggestions, you will have an opportunity to respond at no additional cost with any additional questions you have.

  • You may use any method to draw your three cards. To see the method Dr. Hill recommends for a three-card spread, click here. To continue to the Order Form, click here.

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