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Click on the links below to read some of Dr. Hill's articles about Tarot and creative process.

Decipher the Image. Dr. Hill offers three techniques to help you interpret Tarot images: description, conversation, and exploring a card's suit.

The Power of Projection. Dr. Hill explores projection as a transformation tool. Tarot cards can be used as mirrors to bring hidden thoughts and feelings to conscious awareness.

Creating with Collage. Dr. Hill explains how collage can be used to access Tarot's archetypal energy. You can draw on this energy to stimulate and support personal transformation.

Working with Words. Dr. Hill explores free association as a transformation tool. Tarot can be used to deepen our self-awareness and call our attention to inner and outer work that needs to be done

Cosmic Conversations. Dr. Hill explores visualization and dialogue as transformation tools. Communicating with the cards is a means of problem-solving and self-exploration.

Path of the Page. Dr. Hill considers how the Pages can be used as problem-solving tools. Pages can help us explore our options, make difficult choices, and find new directions for our lives.

This is a sample card from the Tarot Affirmations deck. The Page of Wands is the eleventh card in the suit of Wands in the traditional deck. Wands represent the creative spiritual part of us. Pages are messangers or standard-bearers. They stand at the threshold of new experience. This card reminds us of our inborn creativity and the inspiration available to us from our higher power. For many of us, one of life's challenges is to recover and trust our natural creative power.

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