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Click on the links below to read some of Dr. Hill's articles about dreams and Tarot. Because Tarot images and dream images spring from the same source, working with them together can be especially powerful.

Explore a Dream with Tarot.
In this exercise, Dr. Hill suggests that you draw a Tarot card and re-enter your dream, allowing the character on the Tarot card to accompany you.

Write a Tarot Dream Haiku. In this exercise, Dr. Hill explains how to write a poem based on a style of Japanese poetry that helps extract the essence of a dream.

Create a Tarot Dream Mandala. In this exercise, Dr. Hill suggests a way to explore the meaning of a dream using symbols from Tarot and the dream to create a circular mandala.

Read a Tarot Dream Spread.
In this exercise, Dr. Hill tells you how to create a set of cards using symbols from your dream. She then gives instructions for reading your dream cards, using a three-card Tarot spread.

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