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Click on the links below to read some of Dr. Hill's articles about affirmations:

How Affirmations Work. Dr. Hill explains how affirmations can help you achieve your goals. The most effective affirmations are authentic—that is, they reflect the personality, preferences, and purpose of the person using them.

How to Write Effective Affirmations. Dr. Hill explains how to write affirmations that are authentic, focused on the present, positive, simple, realistic, and "I"-focused. The word "I" in an affirmation need not be limited to the ego; it can refer to the Higher Self. Affirmations can also be written as prayers.

How to Use Affirmations Effectively.
Dr. Hill explores the five keys to successful affirmation: repetition; involvement; action; belief; and working with resistance. She gives several suggestions for engaging your senses and emotions to support the mind in carrying out the work.

Working with Resistance. Dr. Hill explains why it is normal to encounter resistance when working with affirmations and offers many suggestions for overcoming it.

This is a sample card from the Tarot Affirmations deck. The Wheel of Fortune is the tenth card in a traditional deck. It reminds us that our journey through life is rarely straightforward. Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes things go our way. Sometimes they don't. Learning to accept and deal with change is one of life's most difficult challenges.

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